Over/Under Week 15 - James Robinson

Will the Jacksonville RB go over/under 89.5 total yards in week 15?

Video Transcript

- Yes, let us begin the first over/under of this week. And this is an interesting one, like I mentioned up at the top it's James Robinson. And it's going against the Houston Texans, who just got run all over by Rashaad Penny last week. That's a sentence I didn't think I'd say here in 2021, , but a surprising year it has been.

We're going to set the line here at 89.5 total yards. And oh baby, not, just because I need it, I'm going over on this one. I mean, usually for the 2021 Jacksonville Jaguars, the most interesting days of the week has been Tuesday to Saturday, because it's like what's going to come out about Urban Meyer during this whole thing. But now we've got you know Darrell Bevell smirking at the press conference about how he's going to match Irvin's record.

The good vibes are flowing through Jacksonville. The good match-up is here for James Robinson. The guy's a good player, despite the fact the previous head coach kept trying to replace him. I mean, I feel like I can lock in a sweep now, but why don't we just go ahead and hear everybody's answers, too? Liz, starting with you.

- All right, let's go through the motions. James Robinson has battled injuries, game script, and Urban Meyer and had still managed to be top 15 in rushing yards and total touchdowns. You know why? Because he's good, and a smart coach might have played him ahead of somebody called Carlos Hyde, who, by the way, is inactive today.

You mentioned the match-up Matt, is this obviously sweet against the Texans. Number 28 ranked run defense per DVOA. Also, the Texans have allowed the second-most rushing scores on the season, just behind the Jets at 22. So give me the over.

- Yes. Love it. Great points all around there. Andy, why don't you-- why don't you add to the pile here? There is no way you're going to go against the good vibe.

- Yeah, listen. I set this line. And honestly, I should have said it at like 110. I don't know, 118, something like that. This is just way too low. It's Houston. Houston is dead last against the run. You said it, they just got steamrolled by Rashaad Penny, of all people. A wild season for James Robinson, right? Until the Jags let go of Urban Meyer, James Robinson was the only person who ever faced consequences for anything in Jacksonville this year.

They yanked him off the field, right? He hasn't played-- hasn't played even 65% of the snaps in any game since mid-October, which is crazy, because he's averaging 4.8 yards per carry and is verifiably great. He's awesome. He gets Houston. He's going easily over this total.

- There's about like 45 times you should have known that the Urban Meyer like era was doomed when you go down the list. But one of the ones was definitely when he tried to replace the only good player on the roster in April's draft. But ugh, enough of Urban Meyer. Enough of the Jags. Let's send it over to tank to talk single game PFF.

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