Over/Under Week 12 - Russell Wilson

Will the Seattle QB go over/under 234.5 passing yards in week 12?

Video Transcript

- All right. As promised, let's jump in to our final Over/Under here on Russell Wilson. Monday night game against the Washington football team. It has been a bit of a slog for old Russ since he came back. That 19-hour-a-day rehab has not helped him at all of late. We are going to set the line here at a pretty reasonable 234 and 1/2 passing yards. Just like Andy Behrens, I'm calling this reasonable. And I am going to be in the clan of the reasonable, and I'll be going over on this number here. My first over of the show in this little segment. So that feels nice to be back on the positive side, Minty. I think I know where you'll fall, but we'll get to that in a second.

I think that this Washington football team defense, you know, without the pass rushers there, that should give Russ the time in the pocket that he needs. Tyler Lockett has been playing well of late. DK Metcalf is kind of due for a bigger game. This is just a pretty low number. Even if Russ doesn't have some monster game-- I'm not expecting him to put up top five fantasy numbers or anything like that-- I think he can at least get to 250 passing yards in this spot in a very friendly match-up, even though it hasn't gone well of late. But Minty, are you with me on an over this week?

- I am surprisingly with you. Yes. I'm going over as well for all the reasons you said Russ has had a rough beginning, I mean, a rough season. And he hasn't surpassed this number since the beginning of the season. Now, although I do think this goes over, I do think it'll be close, like you said. Maybe 250. Washington is weak defending through the air. And then like you said, also, without pass rushers, the key pass rushers for Washington, I think Russ could have a really good game on Monday.

- Wow. Optimism on Russ. I don't know how I feel about it. Liz, are we going to get a tepid sweep here? Not a full-blown sweep, but a little--

- Not. We're not. I'm going to reel it in. Once Minty said over, I decided to change my outlook and go under. Do you know that Russ has not cleared this line since week three? Give me a break. And also, over the past two outings-- in losing efforts, losing effort, we're expecting he's passing the ball a lot to chase points-- he has completed a total of four passes over 20 yards. Back at the top of the season, weeks 1 2, and 3, when he was clearing this line, he was completing that many. Four passes over 20 yards per week. I understand the match-up is plus. I understand that he's Russell Wilson. I understand, like Tank said, we keep waiting for him to show up. But no. I'm going to take the under, and don't like it.

- Even though we're talking about Devonta Freeman and Rex Burkhead, Liz is reminding us to live in the present with the Seahawks offense.


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