One of Britain's last saw manufacturers has celebrated 100 years of business

One of Britain's last saw manufacturers has celebrated 100 years of business. Thomas Flinn and Co was founded by Thomas Flinn in 1923 and Frank Ellis later joined the manufacturers as an apprentice around three years later. Frank then purchased the business in 1936 and it has been in the family ever since, as his son Phillip, 73, joined the company when he was 16-years-old. He now works as a director alongside his children Christian, 44, and Katie, 41, and they are still producing an extensive range of saws including hand and razor ones. They also make and sell musical saws, woodworking tools and clifton hand plane tools. The company, which is based in Sheffield, South Yorks,. ship the products to numerous countries including America, Australia, Germany and Canada. The family are now celebrating 100 years of business which Katie has said is a 'great milestone' and she hopes they will 'still be going in another 100 years.' She said: "It's a great milestone and we would like to say that we will be still be going in another 100 years but we'll have to see. "If there is a need for your product, then it keeps going. "I think the fact we sell quality products means we have a good reputation and that is worth its weight in gold really. "We sell to people all around the world and people come to us because they know about our product. "We aren't even a very big business but people come from America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. "Sheffield is famous for this kind of stuff and in the 1900s, there was hundreds of saw makers here and now there's only us left. "I think we're the only ones left in Britain as well."