OG Anunoby on injury, return to lineup

Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby discusses the pain he’s felt in his hip, the setback he suffered and when he will resume playing.

Video Transcript

- I know more than I used to.

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- When you were first diagnosed with the injury to now-- how much have you learned? Like, what was the biggest shock?

- Oh, they just told me recovery time varies. It could be quick. It could be a while. So I knew that coming in. And I've been trying to practice, but wasn't feeling all the way right, so I knew that going into it.

- At one point down there, where they said-- it sounded like you went from-- whatever-- out to questionable and then you went right back to out. What went on there?

- Oh, just like a little setback, but it's all good now.

- And that's just the pain thing?

- Pain, yeah. Movement not feeling all the way right.

- How frustrating has the last month or whatever been, especially with, kind of like, the ups and downs of managing the injury and having to sit and watch [INAUDIBLE]?

- It's frustrating because you want to play. But I don't know. Like, I want to play, wish I could, but I know it could be worse. I know I'm going to heal and get better. I'm just waiting for that, supporting my teammates the best I can while I've been out, and just trying to get better.

- Can you do just about everything now?

- Yeah, I'm getting better every day.

- [INAUDIBLE] were you able to do while you were sitting out to kind of [INAUDIBLE] conditioning and [INAUDIBLE] all that?

- Really, for most of it, nothing, just to let it heal. Rest it, not to reaggravate something else.

- Was that, in itself, frustrating for you, just sitting around and doing nothing? You were just--

- Yeah, it gets boring sitting around, but I knew I had to be patient and-- or someone to be patient. So I just listened.

- How do you feel now?

- I don't know. Just, another day just went by.

- I think you only had a couple of games there with the whole group, by the time Pascal came back with Fred and with Scottie as well. Seeing now what they've been able to do together, especially now that Pascal has really gotten back to what he was pre-injury, how much are you looking forward to getting in there and sort of building the chemistry with that whole group?

- Oh, I'm excited. I think we're all excited to play together, and the whole team get healthy, get Khem back. Yuta's back, healthy. Precious is coming back. We're all excited to play again.

- Do you expect to play tomorrow?

- We'll see.

- Did the injury throw you off-- and I imagine the conditioning behind it-- you weren't able to do anything.

- I've been conditioning now.

- Oh, OK. You've been able to--


--or whatever.

- Yeah.

- From what I've heard of point guards-- that it's not necessarily just your hips that's bothering you. Like I said-- you know, what were, like, the symptoms for you? Like, where did you feel like?

- On my hip and then, like, around the hip, back.

- The initial injury-- what was it? Was it a huge collision or--

- Yeah.

- You and Precious?

- Yeah.

- Anybody else? [INAUDIBLE] OG. Be right back.

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