Off Their Game Week 16 - Josh Jacobs

Tank Williams explains why the Las Vegas RB will struggle in week 16.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: I mean, when I throw out this name people, probably won't be that surprised-- Josh Jacobs. I mean, he's been one of those guys who, I mean, he flashed the whole lot, especially early on in his career before he got to the NFL. But he's always been a little bit of give and a lot of take, and I feel like it's gonna be some take this week going against those Denver Broncos.

Like I expected my man Joe Mixon to ball out against the Broncos last weekend. Huh-uh. They put the smack down. And, I mean, I think the one good thing about Josh Jacobs is that he has actually looked healthier body-wise. But man, his stats the past couple of weeks, man, he's been quiet as a church mouse.

And so now going up against those Denver Broncos, like, he's not in a situation where you're gonna bench Josh Jacobs. Like, let's be real. But I feel like if you put him in your lineup this week and you're expecting something big to try to help you get that fantasy title, you're gonna be cursing at your TV the way I was cursing at Jimmy G on Thursday night.