O.G. Anunoby thinks Scottie Barnes’ dunk was better than his

Raptors forward O.G. Anunoby discusses his scoring vs. the Wizards and his comfort operating against taller/smaller players. Also, he compares Scottie Barnes 360 dunk to his recent thunderous slam.

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- What happened to your wrist there? Are you OK?

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O.G. ANUNOBY: Yeah, I'm good. I do this every game.

- So how do you feel about your team's performance today and the type of momentum that you guys are building in this lead stretch?

O.G. ANUNOBY: We came out strong. We continued it for the whole first half. Then we lost some urgency in the third quarter, slipped up a little bit, but we picked it up and finished strong. So that's how games go. A game of runs, other teams not going to lay down. They're going to keep fighting. So just glad we finished it off. And then just look forward to the next game now.

- What allowed you to have the type of first quarter, first six minutes even, that you had?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Just teammates passing the ball to me. I'm open and just shooting confidence.

- How do you-- you looked very comfortable from the mid-range over the last few games. How do you balance working on that shot and getting those shots up in the game was sort of what the team generally tries to do with the shot profile [INAUDIBLE]?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Definitely still try to like to get to the rim, kick out, and stuff. But, just, that's the shot that's usually there depending on like-- we usually like-- the paint is usually clogged up a little bit. So usually, that's the shot that's there. So that's what's going to give us just work on every day.

- Are you feeling more comfortable with it right now or--

O.G. ANUNOBY: Oh, yeah. Definitely, yeah.

- You mentioned the third quarter. You were up there with Scottie in the three reserves to start the fourth. How important was that stretch in terms of getting that [INAUDIBLE]?

O.G. ANUNOBY: It was definitely very important. We just wanted to come out get stops and then run the other way. And Scottie had a big at 1. Jeff had a big 3. Chris was everywhere. Who else was out there? Christian. Yeah, Christian was everywhere too, getting steals, getting stops. So everyone just played great, played a lot of urgency. And we were able to grow the lead.

- Was anything said in between quarters just in terms of getting back to where you normally are or you want to be defensively?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Nothing really had to be said. We knew we had to pick it up. We knew we kind of let down in the third quarter and gave them open shots. We let-- Porzingis a great player, was getting open shots. Kispert is a great shooter where he's getting open shots. So we knew we had to be more urgent, get out to them, and limit their shots, and just try to get stops and run on transition.

- I think the first play of the game was that [INAUDIBLE] under the horn set. You've been getting a ton of dunks out of that, like a ton. Is it easier to cut really hard knowing how successful that's been?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Yeah, and [INAUDIBLE] a great passer. So he'll throw it-- this one was-- I could have gotten it. But he throws it up there. And I just jump and get it. So I know if he gets it, just go to the rim. He's going to put it up there and I can go get it.

- Is that something that you expected to cut more, get more dunks cuts with him joining the team?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Oh, yeah, I mean, it's just a play we run more often now. And he's a great passer. So I think they're aware he's a great passer. So they trust him to throw the ball.

- O.G., this season as a whole, probably, your record as a team, is it where you want it to be? But you guys are still in the mix. You know, you're fighting for a playing spot. Is it easier knowing that the finish line is kind of in sight? You're only a few weeks out from the end of the season. Is it easier mentally at all that way?

O.G. ANUNOBY: No, I don't think we really think about that. We just think about just every day, onto the next day. Like for now, practice start getting ready for Miami. And then whoever we play-- maybe Philly after that. So we just try to think of it like that. We don't look forward to the end of the year or look ahead.

- What did you think of Scottie's dunk?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Pardon?

- What did you think of Scottie's dunk?

O.G. ANUNOBY: Oh, I thought it was great.


- Is he the best dunker on the team?

O.G. ANUNOBY: I guess.



- Is it better than your dunk?

O.G. ANUNOBY: I thought it was better than my dunk.


- O.G., you guard a lot of guys, like, a lot of big men like Porzingis, [INAUDIBLE], just stuff like that. Who do you like to go against offensively? Like, do you feel like you prefer going against like a bigger guy when he gets cross smashed on you, or would you prefer to go against smaller guys and use your size? What's your preference?

O.G. ANUNOBY: I don't really even think about that. I don't mind. I just try to be aggressive no matter who's guarding me. I think if you try to-- if you try to think about it and say, oh, I'll be passive this play because this guy's guarding me or I'll be aggressive this-- It's not the right mindset.

- I mean, you end up-- some of those mid-ranges were against Porzingis, right, which I think would be a tough guy to get it over.

O.G. ANUNOBY: Yeah, I just-- I work on it every day. So confident in it.


O.G. ANUNOBY: Yeah, big cut.


- Thanks, O.G.

O.G. ANUNOBY: Thank you, guys.

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