Should Nick Nurse go deeper into his bench?

The Raptors' starters looked worn down and tired in the latter stages of Game 3, raising the question of whether Nick Nurse should be giving more minutes to his bench players.

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IMMAN ADAN: OK. So the Raptors, we talked about this. The Raptors not really playing Raptors' style of basketball. And through the first three games, they have an offensive rating of over 112, which is a good offensive rating. You wouldn't expect that from this Raptors team that kind of struggles in the halfcourt.

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But I was looking up their offensive rating in overtime, because I can't get over it. I can't get over how poor it was. They had a 75 offensive rating. 75! Like they were playing basketball in--



KATE BAGSHAW: I'm not the type that's usually going to criticize our players. I think if you know my brand, I usually like to try and keep it pretty positive on our players. But it was disappointing to see, in crunch time, in overtime, Precious with the ball in his hands more often than those that we should be deferring to, OG, Pascal, and Fred, and even Gary to that extent.

Precious should be your cleanup guy. He should be the one that's going in for the putback. He shouldn't be the one that's making the primary play. And he did make some good plays. He was responsible for fouling out Harden.

I think we can all agree that today, Precious was incredible. His game was tight. He was doing things on both ends of the floor, exactly what we need to be. But he's not the guy that I want to see with the ball in his hands on multiple possessions in overtime.

IMMAN ADAN: So we have a question in here from Samuel, who says, what I don't get is you have 13 players you can play. Why will you not use all of them? Clearly, Pascal and Fred are tired. How would you respond to that?

KATE BAGSHAW: Why wouldn't we play all 13 of our players?

IMMAN ADAN: Why wouldn't we play a longer roster than Pascal 48 minutes?

KATE BAGSHAW: I mean, who--



Sorry. I'm choking a little bit.

But would we have expected a better outcome with maybe playing-- I mean, I guess my question for this caller would be or this-- the person who's asking this question-- and Iman, I don't know if you really feel the same.

But I don't think there's anybody that could even take five minutes off of Pascal and for us to have had a better outcome. Are we going to give five minutes to Yuta? Are we going to give five more minutes to Thad, whose game really wasn't clicking today? And I think he's still kind of impacted by that thumb. Are we going to give five more minutes to Boucher?

I guess I'm just wondering who is sitting on the end of our bench that we can rely on to play minutes in a must-win playoff game. Today--


You have to see Pascal out there getting his reps, getting his minutes. It was clear that he was dead tired at the end of it. But unfortunately right now, being down a crucial body in Scottie Barnes, I don't think there's anybody on your bench that you can go to give you reliable minutes on both ends of the floor.

IMMAN ADAN: Yeah, no. I'm completely with you. When the Raptors are playing-- Pascal was giving you nothing on the--

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