What NHL fans can expect from All-Star weekend in Toronto

The 2024 NHL All-Star Game will be held in Toronto. While the 2023 edition in Florida was considered underwhelming, Omar predicts what fans can expect in Toronto, which last hosted the game in 2000.

Video Transcript

- We did it. We got the All-Star Game it was announced that the league is going to be hosting the 2024 All-Star Game and of course, a lot of people hate it because a lot of people hate the Leafs. They hate us Leafs fans.

But you know what? If you're a Leafs fan who doesn't even remember the last time the Leafs hosted an All-Star Game, which is 2000, I'm going to give you a list of things to expect.

First, expect either Justin Bieber or the Arkells to be performing, maybe even both. Justin Bieber has been affiliated with the Leafs for a long time. He's at Leafs fan. He's friends with Matthews. They hang out all the time. Literally the reverse jerseys is part of him, part of his design.

And the Arkells have been closely tied to the Leafs as well because Kyle Dubas has a link there. So any time there's some type of live event, they're there.

Here's another thing. Expect probably some Tim Hortons/Scotiabank themed events. I don't know, maybe they're shooting pucks into Scotiabank ATMs, or I don't know, they're dinking around Tim Hortons cups or something. You know it's going to happen. It's a thing.

Expect only two Leafs to be there. It's probably going to happen. Again, the league is so committed to this one-team-should-get-every-player type of thing. So because of that, the Leafs could probably have three or four players who should go but only two are going to be there.

Case in point, William Nylander didn't go this year. So expect that. And here's the most important thing-- expect everyone who is not at Leafs fan to absolutely hate it.

Now, the All-Star Game has its problems. It hasn't been as fun. The skills competition hasn't been as fun for the longest time. And a lot of people are already going to say, OK, it's not going to be good.

But take that and times it by like a million, and you're going to get the reactions from non-Leafs fans next year. There are so many people right now who are already ripping on us for being excited that we're getting the All-Star Game, already ripping on the league's decision to give Toronto the All-Star Game.

I get it. I get it. We are the ones to hate. We're the ones to rip on. But regardless, I hope the league still finds a way to make it fun. Hey, you know what, maybe Drake will come out of nowhere. That'd be funny, maybe.