NFL Week 12 Picks: Cowboys, Giants set for Thanksgiving showdown

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are tied with 7-3 records heading into a Thanksgiving divisional showdown that could determine their playoff fates.

Video Transcript

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Games I'm watching. Games I'm watching for week 12 in NFL action, and all of these games are some type of playoff implicated. That's just the dope part about this year or this time of year. Once we get to November, that's when we get to see, OK, what teams are going to be top 10 in the draft and what teams are going to be working towards playoff contention. Most of these games have some type of playoff stuff going on, right?

So we'll start off with Bengals versus Titans, right? The Bengals started to-- they get into this little groove, man. They started off the season, they looked pretty terrible, and now they're working their way back into being the team that we thought they were going to be, a successful Bengals team.

Now, of course, losing the Super Bowl is just-- I don't know the science behind it, but there's just this weird wizardry that happens that every time a team loses the Super Bowl, they come back the next year, and they're just a bad team. But the Bengals are working themselves out of that funk.

And Ja'Marr Chase will be practicing this week. I don't know if he's going to play this week. He may definitely play next week. But he is 100% practicing this week.

And the Tennessee Titans, ever since-- just like the Bengals, ever since being kind of bad early on in the year, they've just kind of been on this streak of just winning games and playing tough football. They lose to the Kansas City Chiefs a couple of weeks ago, last week there, but they looked pretty good versus the Kansas City Chiefs in that losing effort.

So now we're just continuing to build this emergence of who's going to be those NFC teams under the Kansas City Chiefs. It's going to be interesting to see these guys fight it out for it.

If I had to pick between the Bengals and the Titans, I think you're going to try-- if you're the Bengals, you're going to try to put the Titans in that same hole, right? You're going to try to, well, let's try to score points quickly and then make them get away from running the ball with Derrick Henry.

Or if you're the Titans, you're going to slow the game down, run the ball with Derrick Henry, be physical, make them tackle you, and then Joe Burrow not really get a lot of attempts there. If I had to pick, man, I think I just believe in physicality this time of year. And the Titans are a very physical team, so I'm going to go with the Titans.

After that, we're going to look at the Falcons versus the Washington Football Team. And what's going to happen with these guys? The Falcons are a team that's in playoff contention also. Why? Because the NFC South is so terrible.

I think even with their record-- they're like a game or two behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so nothing is secure in Southland. And you're a win slash loss away from being the division leader, which is a home playoff game. So we'll see what happens with them.

And we talked about the Washington Commanders. I don't call them Commanders. About the Washington Team, right? They are a winning football team right now. The NFC East has all teams over .500 right now, and I can possibly see a situation where every team in the NFC East can possibly make the playoffs.

So do I believe in Taylor Heinicke magic? No. But I do think that they're going to probably do enough to beat up on the Falcons. The Falcons like to run the football. And if there's any D-line I trust in this National Football League, it is the Washington Football Commanders. I wonder when Chase Young is coming back though. We'll talk about that a little bit later.

And then the last game is going to be in the holiday version of this. The Cowboys are going to play versus the Giants on the Thanksgiving day game. It's going to be the afternoon game. Cowboys versus Giants simply because-- well, the Cowboys are in this positive direction. They're trending like this. And then you got your poor New York Giants that are trending like this. So the Cowboys are looking to remain consistent, and the Giants are looking to rebound and be a little better.

Plus, it is a division game. Plus, it's playoff implications. Oh my God, these playoff games are so stressful. The Giants actually, since losing last week, they don't want to go 0 and 2. Because I think if they lose this game, they're-- I wouldn't say they're out of playoff contention, but they're not in that top-seven teams anymore they have a locked-in playoff spot.

So the Giants are fighting for their lives, and I think the Cowboys are trending more to try to get that bye week in the playoffs. If I had to make a pick, come on, man. Not to sound biased, but I'm going with the Dallas Cowboys. Let's see what happens.