Naughty child cuts woman's hair while at beauty salon with mum in China

A naughty young girl takes a pair of scissors and cuts off a significant amount of a woman's hair at a hairdresser in Dongguan, southern China. The owner of the salon, Mr. Liu, said that the child was approximately 6 years old and that her mother was getting her hair done when this happened. Nobody noticed the girl taking the scissors from a cabinet and cutting the customer's hair. The woman, Ms. Ruan, felt that her physical appearance was significantly affected and decided to report the incident to the police. A mediation process took place. Initially, the salon was expected to compensate Ms. Ruan with 16,000 yuan, but ultimately, the girl's mother agreed to pay a settlement of 11,500 yuan. The compensation amount will be used by Ms. Ruan for eight sessions of hair extensions and care over two years. The video was filmed on May 25 and provided with local media’s permission.