#MyStyle: Work Wear with @juliengarman

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For those of us who go to the office every day, getting dressed in the morning can be tricky. Sometimes, you want to put on the comfiest outfit you can (and still look professional, of course), while other days you may dress up for an important meeting.

This week, our Instagram influencers across America — including Julien in Northern Virginia — submitted their #OOTD Work Wear, providing plenty of fashion inspiration for you. Many in Julien’s Washington, D.C.-area marketing office dress conservatively. Julien, on the other hand, likes to disrupt the system with her work style.

Here, she pairs a comfy Madewell cardigan with a Target midi skirt, breaking the style myth that these two pieces don't go together.

Watch the latest episode of #MyStyle to see how Julien styles her work outfit, and share your tips with us too. Leave a comment below, and tell us which occasions you’d like to see our influencers tackle next.

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