Momma Duck Watches as Maine Police Officer Saves 10 Ducklings From Drain on Mother's Day

A Maine police officer was supervised by a mother duck as he hopped into a storm drain to rescue 10 trapped ducklings on Mother’s Day, May 14, body-worn camera footage shows.

Footage shared by the Rockland Maine Police Department shows Officer Logan Finnegan and Sergeant Dan Duhamel working together to rescue the ducklings, who were eventually reunited with their mother, on Sunday. Finnegan is seen climbing into the sewer grate, which held several feet of water, and handing the small ducks up to Duhamel.

“One of the greatest and simultaneously most challenging aspects of police work is the unpredictability of the job,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Not all days in law enforcement are this fun.” Credit: Rockland Maine Police Department via Storyful

Video Transcript