This might be the best vote ever cast on 'Survivor'

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It was a very entertaining Tribal Council on Survivor when the beef between Chris Noble and Domenic Abbate finally came to a head. As Dom went to vote, he held up his parchment with Chris's name on it and very loudly said, "Chris Noble, it's been a pleasure serving you coffee for 22 days. See you on the other side, brother," which got a pretty good laugh out of the other tribe members.

While Dom's especially loud vote was funny, he had nothing on Wendell, his right-hand man. Wendell went up and said a few things about Chris before adding, "Somebody had to say it, I'll say it, stop rapping. You're trash… at rapping. You're garbage at rapping. You can't rap. You have no bars." Chris had been known to rap around camp, and let's just say, he won't be winning any hip hop awards. Wendell ended his diatribe by saying, "Put the mic down, bro. Put the pen down, bro. Use an eraser."

Things just got worse for Chris from there. He and Dom were both holding onto hidden immunity idols. But when it came time to play those idols, Dom played his and Chris did not, which meant he was the one who got his torch snuffed. But at least he left with a cool souvenir. Chris said, "I just got blindsided with a damn idol in my pocket. At least I didn't leave it on the island."

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