Michelle Pfeiffer on 'Scarface' Audition: 'There's Blood Everywhere'

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Michelle Pfeiffer swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she revealed how by throwing some plates during her audition she convinced a reluctant Al Pacino that she was right for the role of Elvira Hancock in Scarface.

Pfeiffer said that the Scarface audition process was extremely difficult and that at one point she didn't think it was going to pan out. In fact she was so sure she wasn't going to get the role that she ended up relaxing and letting it all hang out during her testing session Al Pacino.

During the test, Pfeiffer started throwing plates at Pacino. When director Brian De Palma yelled cut, Pfeiffer said "There's blood everywhere." The crew ran over to Pfeiffer to see where she was hurt but they soon realized she can cut Pacino.

Pacino did not initially want her to play his love interest, but being a method actor he appreciated her performance and gave De Palma his blessing to cast her. Pfeiffer summed it up by saying, "I cut Al Pacino and that's how I got the part."

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