Is Matt Ryan a big upgrade over Carson Wentz?

Yahoo Sports’ Scott Pianowski and Matt Harmon explain why the former Atlanta QB is a better fit for the Colts.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: What are the questions about the Colts? I mean, I guess it's how sure are we that Matt Ryan is a big upgrade over Carson Wentz. The Colts are really, really sure about it. I'll say that at least.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I'm sure about it too. Everything you see-- and not just the back of the football card stats, but specialty efficiency stats against certain packages or in pressure, in the pocket, out of the pocket, it feels like Ryan's better than everything that Wentz--

The funny thing is Wentz actually didn't have-- his back of the football card stats weren't that bad last year. I think that reflects a lot of interceptions were dropped. And a lot of times, especially if you were a Pittman manager, they'd show-- a lot of times, you don't see this on the first run on a football game. But then Cris Collinsworth will be like, oh, Michael Pittman was open for a touchdown. Wentz just didn't see him in time.


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: This ball was like three seconds late.


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I feel like that happened like 20 times last year. Maybe it wasn't quite that many times, but it really stings when you see a game where it's like Michael Pittman was open the whole game, and he ended the day with three catches for 51 yards when it could have been like triple that. So good move for Matt Ryan, Matt. Because, look, Matt Ryan is on the back nine of his career. I'm not trying to make out Matt Ryan to be a Pro Bowler or an MVP or anything, but he's better than Carson Wentz.

And he goes to a team where I believe in the coaching, a team where I believe in the offensive line, a team where I believe in the defense, a team that is-- although divisional games are only six games, man, what a great division to be in. Rebuilding Jaguars, rebuilding Texans, and a Titans team that's just set for all sorts of regression to hit hard. I don't think they're going to be a playoff team this year.

So it's all systems go for the Colts to the point that Ryan-- in a standard league, you're not going to draft him. But I'd feel great about him in a super flex league as my second quarterback. Is he an upgrade over Carson Wentz? I think 1,000%. I don't know the person who's arguing against that. I think we're all going to be in universal agreement on that.

MATT HARMON: I would love to know the Washington Commanders' thoughts on is Matt Ryan better than Carson Wentz. They've been consistent-- they had to put out the we're not concerned about Carson Wentz's hideous inaccuracy in training camp statement and-

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: To be fair, they may have upgraded, too, because their quarterback room has been [INAUDIBLE]

MATT HARMON: Oh, they definitely did.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: --the last few years, yeah. So, I mean, they're hoping-- if you're a Terry McLaurin backer, and I think you and I are both McLaurin guys, I'd like to tell myself a story that Carson Wentz makes that sad song a little less sad. I'm not gonna say he makes it better, but just a little less sad. That's all I'm looking for in Washington this year, Matt, is a little less sadness. Is that too much to ask?