'Give This Man a Raise': Jovial Flight Attendant Makes Passengers Laugh

A jovial flight attendant gave passengers a laugh when he explained the “dos and don’ts” of flying, with a humorous twist.

In this footage, shot by passenger Mike Griffin, the Southwest Airlines steward comments on passengers with children, jesting: “For those of you travelling with children this morning… why?” He goes on to poke fun at “needy little” boyfriends and husbands, advising female passengers to a secure their own masks “first and then give him a hand, bless his heart.”

The flight attendant also counselled parents travelling with multiple children to “select the child with best earning potential that can contribute toward your retirement — put the mask on that one first.”

Griffin, who was headed to Chicago on vacation, tweeted the footage, tagging Southwest and asking the airline to “give this man a raise.” Credit: Mike Griffin via Storyful

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