Man Who Just Wanted Food Has Door Close on Him and Falls Off Porch After Answering Delivery Guy

A man in a north Sydney suburb did not have the best start to his day recently, with door camera footage showing him getting locked out of his house, and falling on his porch, after grabbing his Uber Eats order.

The amusing moment was caught on Ben Pickering’s door camera, and shows his flatmate taking the delivery.

Pickering told Storyful that it was “quite a windy day,” and that the door slammed shut behind his flatmate.

“He walked down the stairs and had an absolute shocker,” Pickering said, with footage showing his flatmate falling over and the delivery guy turning back to help him.

“He ended up actually tearing his MCL in his right knee and has had a few weeks off work from this incident!” Pickering said. Credit: Ben Pickering via Storyful

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