London Fire Brigade Makes #ChargeSafe Plea After E-Scooter Causes House Fire

As part of its #ChargeSafe campaign, the London Fire Brigade has released dramatic footage of the moment an e-scooter burst into flames as it was charging in a man’s kitchen in the Harlesden area of Brent.

The owner of the scooter, 37-year-old security guard Dell Williams, said he was “grateful to be alive” and spent “eight hours in hospital due to inhaling smoke.”

“I am so grateful that no one else was hurt. I cheated death,” he said.

Williams bought the e-scooter on Gumtree two weeks before the May 13 fire, and had left it charging in a communal kitchen, the fire brigade said.

The fire brigade said there have been 48 e-bike fires and 12 e-scooter fires in the city this year. They urged owners not to leave the devices unattended while charging. Credit: London Fire Birgade via Storyful

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