'LA to Vegas' takes off with funny premiere

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The new Fox comedy, LA to Vegas took off Tuesday night. The show is centered around a flight attendant named Ronnie who's stuck working the LA to Vegas route on a cheap airline.

The show's setting is reminiscent of the ultra-successful series Cheers, in that it almost entirely takes place in a single location. Instead of a bar full of functional alcoholics, it's an airplane full of functional alcoholics...and stripppers and gamblers.

Ronnie has aspirations of traveling the world on a major airline. But she has a few character flaws that have dashed her dreams for one reason or another. So now she finds herself looking for romance in the bathroom at 35,000 feet.

The pilot episode was pretty funny, all things considered. Dylan McDermott does a great job playing the plane's pilot, Captain Dave. While Peter Stormare and Olivia Macklin are sure to be fan favorites as the gambler and stipper who regularly fly the route.

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