Kyle Dubas' Matt Murray gamble takes centre stage

Toronto's goaltending has been injury-hit since the NHL season began but Matt Murray is set to return between the pipes against his old employer, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Video Transcript

- It looks like it's finally time for Matt Murray to make his return to the Leafs' roster, which is funny because we spent the entire offseason talking about, what do we have in Matt Murray? Can he be a number one? Can he be a solid number two? 1A, 1B, whatever. And we've only seen him play in one regular-season game.

Maybe this is his opportunity to finally turn the page on the past, on his past injuries, on what happened back then, and finally take the reins and be the Leafs' starting goaltender. And doing it against Pittsburgh would be pretty sick. Pittsburgh was the team that kind of put him on the map. He won two Cups with Pittsburgh. And now it could be a nice little redemption story or kind of way to put things full circle for him to return to the lineup and play really well.

For the last couple of weeks now, despite Murray being [? out ?] [? goaltending, ?] [? it ?] hasn't been a huge problem. You know, Kallgren has stepped in and had some good performances. He has had some tough moments here and there. Samsonov has had some good moments too, but now he's injured.

So maybe this could be Matt Murray's opportunity to really take the reins and really be the number one goaltender. And when it comes to the importance of that, that's gonna be pretty significant. Again, goaltending hasn't been an issue, but we want to continue to that-- for it not to be an issue. And the only thing to complain about is defenses and offense and whatever, whatever.

But as long as Matt Murray can kind of come in, be that calming presence that we all wanted him to be, then I think the Leafs have something good. And if not, and if things go south, then that might be a different conversation that Kyle Dubas will have to have because, again, the room for error and the room for any type of mistake is very, very thin, especially considering that Matt Murray is kind of Kyle Dubas's big gamble of the season.