Kimberlé Crenshaw, This is a Moment to Come Together | MAKERS Moment

Kimberlé Crenshaw, This is a Moment to Come Together | MAKERS Moment

Video Transcript

KIMBERLE CRENSHAW: With the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we have an opportunity to correct some of the historical wrongs and to identify some of those continuing dynamics in the women's movement today. How do we commemorate it while at the same time acknowledging the fact that for Black women, their right to vote wasn't affirmed until the 1960s in many places across the United States? So I see this as a moment of taking feminism back, making feminism a project that all of us can share.

If this is possible, it will come about by people like Stacey Abrams, convincing everyone that voting rights, really affirming voting rights is affirming what American democracy is about. So actually rising above the tribalism that has people running to support someone who's driving us off the cliff, and instead, trying to recover what is great about this place and what's necessary to sustain a country that's on the brink. If we can follow people like Stacey Abrams, if we can build coalitions everywhere, if we can use this year in which we are celebrating a breakthrough of suffrage and decide we're going to make it real, we're going to make all of the claims about it that have been false actually real, then this can be the formula that saves our republic.