Kim Kardashian and other celebrities react to Los Angeles wildfires

Entertainment News

Hollywood is feeling the burn as wildfires rage in Los Angeles. Wednesday marks day three of the expansive fires in Southern California. While the largest is in Ventura County across some 50,000 acres (it’s “like watching Rome burn,” said an eyewitness), fires have also broken out in the north and western regions of Los Angeles, with both areas declared states of emergency. And on Wednesday, a blaze deemed the Skirball Fire, broke out in the upscale Bel-Air section of L.A. along the I-405, which is threatening the Getty Center and UCLA. Mandatory evacuations are in place in the area. Los Angeles is obviously home to many famous folks, so there’s been an emotional reaction to what’s going on — as well as kudos being given to the brave first responders.

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