'Kevin Can Wait' still mourning the still mysterious death of Donna

Last Night Now

Since the death of Kevin's wife, Donna, played by Erinn Hayes, Kevin Can Wait, fans have been eagerly awaiting a revelation on just how she died. But episode two offered no answers. This second episode was a bit less irreverent that the season premiere's somewhat flip attitude towards the death of a major character. With Kevin wallowing a bit more in life as a single dad, his daughter Kendra said to Kevin, "Ever since Mom passed away, you have been incredible. You know, really involved, which is amazing, so, so great." He replied, "Sweet pea, you gotta spit it out. I love you, but I got cookies baking."

With Leah Remini becoming the new female lead, some fans have been less than supportive on the Twittersphere. But Remini is not known to back down from a fight and has had some sharp retorts to a disgruntled fan base.

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