Kevin Hart details drunken Super Bowl shenanigans

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Kevin Hart stopped by Conan Monday night, where he explained why he tried to get onto the stage during the Super Bowl trophy presentation, following the Eagles' big win.

Hart first explained that, since it was a rare day off for the busy man, he was very intoxicated. "I don't get that many days off, people, and this was a day off. It was a historic moment. I'm at the game. All of my friends from Philadelphia were all in a suite, my wife is there, and we are just having the best time of our lives and, you know, with that good time, you know, we're throwing them back, right. And, so, we win and something in my head said, I need to go down there with the team." Hart then explained that, despite no one else having the same thought, he ushered his entire group of friends out of the suite to get onto the field. "There's nothing to get us by the people we're getting by," Hart explained to Conan. "I'm literally walking by people. They're like, excuse me, sir. I'm like 'I'm Kevin hart!' I had so much success at getting by so many people in places that I shouldn't have been." The comedian then recalled making it to the field and collecting confetti and turf, before another light bulb suddenly went off in his head. "I go, the city of Philadelphia wants to see me hold this trophy. I need to get to the super bowl trophy."

Hart's drunken moment immediately went viral, and the comedian shared that he too watched the video, which is how he realized how drunk he was. "Here's how stupid I am, people. I'm trying to get to the trophy. The football team is right here. I'm celebrating with the Eagles. I'm in the middle of the Eagles' huddle. They're pushing me around. It's great. I know this because I watched the video later," explained Hart. "I hear in the video you hear one of the players go, 'Kev! The trophy right here! Come hold the trophy and take a picture with the trophy!' You also hear me go, 'No, I'm going up here to take a picture with the trophy.'"

Hart admitted that he is well aware that the trophy presentation is an incredible moment for the players, and had nothing to do with him but, in the moment, he didn't care. "I didn't care about none of that! In my mind, I needed to get there so I could hold the trophy and go, 'Philadelphia, I did it!' I don't know why! I don't know why," exclaimed Hart.

And in hindsight, Kevin said that if he could go back in time, he would 100% do it the exact same way because he has never had a better time in his life. In fact, the comedian also shared that he framed the football turf he pulled from the field, and called it "Kevin's Stupid Day."

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