What Kevin Gausman has meant to Blue Jays this season

Blue Jays manager John Schneider praised Kevin Gausman for his excellent 2023 campaign and shared what makes the ace such a special pitcher.

Video Transcript

- What has his performance, overall, meant for your club this year?

JOHN SCHNEIDER: A lot. You know, when you have a guy that goes out and takes the ball every fifth day, every fourth day, whatever it is, you know, he's as consistent as they come in the league. So having a true ace, I think, is awesome. And then having four guys behind him that have been really, really good big-league pitchers for a long time is great. But I think his performance this year has been especially good, you know, just given how good hitters are, how good the league is, You know, the strikeouts are their, composure is there. Everything is there every single night. So you feel good when he's on the mound.