Kendall Jenner reveals why she doesn't like using social media

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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner immediately went into mother bear mode when Kendall Jenner called her while having an anxiety attack.

"Kendall struggles from anxiety, and I think she has so much going on that she gets herself really worked up," Kris explained. "Kendall gets the most anxious during Fashion Week. So, when she's traveling a lot. Milan's coming up and trying to juggle it all is overwhelming." Back at Kris's house, Kendall explained to her mother that her anxiety was due to everything that recently happened to their family, starting with Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris. "Well, then I got robbed. Then I had my stalkers. That's why I don't really like going out anymore. That's why I don't tweet, that's why I don't Instagram, because then, like, just that gives me anxiety, too. I swear, it's the craziest thing," said Kendall. Kris sympathized, telling her, "Well, I know you get anxious when you're on the road, and you're out there at a Fashion Week for a month at all these different cities. And I think what I want to know is, what's the solution for the next time? Because I worry about you and I know you want to do a great job, so I want to be able to help you to get to a place where you can be out there and not feel anxious." Ultimately, Kendall realized that, to help control her anxiety, what she really needed was to take some time to process all of her recent traumatic events.

"I don't know what it is," Kendall explained. "I don't think any of us have taken the time to process what's been happening, maybe over the past, like, year, almost two years even. And I think that that is a factor in a lot of this. It's hard to- just to get your brain to- like, slow down and think about it and really process what's been happening. So, I think now that I sit here and I can verbally say that, I think that that will help me with the steps to take the time and really address it. "

Kendall decided to try meditation to help clear her mind, which might have been the trick for the model because, after walking during Milan Fashion Week, she seemed to have a whole new perspective. "Anxiety is all mental, so you have to try and find your ways around it," Kendall concluded. "I try and maintain it, but sometimes it's, like, out of your control."

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