Kelly Clarkson's birthday ruined by 'Voice' results

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Kelly Clarkson was celebrating her 36th birthday on The Voice Tuesday night. However, something that she wasn't celebrating was her contestant, D.R. King, up for elimination.

With D.R. King from Team Kelly and Rayshun LaMarr from Team Adam Levine at risk of going home, Clarkson really wanted America to save King. So, she played the "It's my birthday" card… a lot. In fact, Clarkson was so upset about her singer being in the bottom two, she made sure to use "my birthday" as many times as possible during the show and, honestly, we could've made a drinking game out of it!

When host Carson Daly asked Clarkson if she had any last words for King, should he be sent home, Clarkson told America, "Okay, y'all. Okay. I'm just going to remind you again, it's my birthday. So, it would be horrible if you all made me cry on my birthday, okay? Because you know I'll cry, like that! Don't make me sad." Clarkson also pleaded, "Open your eyes and open your ears for my birthday!" And later told Daly, "Really. I will cry on my birthday," when the host pointed out that she was "pulling out all of the stops on the birthday thing."

Unfortunately, in the end, America did not grant Clarkson her birthday wish as they immediately saved LaMarr and sadly sent King home.

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