Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas play dirty on 'The Voice'

The Voice coaches are getting closer to filling the final spots on their teams, and during night five of the blind auditions Monday night, Kelly Clarkson started to play a little dirty as the competition got the best of her.

While presenting her pitch for one contestant, Clarkson stated, "I'm gonna let someone else speak for me because Blake loves this person, and I think that this person should probably tell you who you should go with and who you maybe shouldn't." Clarkson then played a highly edited video of Blake Shelton's fiancée and on-and-off Voice coach Gwen Stefani saying, "I would probably have to say Kelly will be the best choice to go with. I mean, Blake Shelton would be terrible as a coach. I love Kelly. She is perfect for you. You will not win with Blake Shelton. That's a no-brainer."

The video, which was made up of many clips stitched together in order to form the sentences, made everyone laugh, including Shelton. However, Clarkson wasn't the only coach who had something up her sleeve Monday night. Nick Jonas also prepared his own little presentation.

"I want to show you something, because I want you to make the right choice here. I went on the Internet. This is what the Internet has to say about Kelly," shared Jonas, as he presented a meme reading, "When you can't face the reality, Nick is the best coach."

While Jonas's memes for Clarkson and John Legend were fairly tame – Legend's simply reading "John 'not so' Legend" – the JoBro held nothing back when it came to the cowboy. On a picture of Shelton holding a puppy were large words reading "Puppy Hater." Shelton joked, "Oh, you caught me right when I was strangling the puppy."

Unfortunately for Clarkson and Jonas, their dirty tactics didn't quite work out for them, as both the contestants they were fighting for ended up choosing different teams. Regardless, the moments were absolutely hilarious and highly entertaining for fans at home.

"Now, I'm not a puppy hater. I want everybody at home to know I'm not a puppy hater. I just happened to have a stranglehold on that one particular puppy at that moment," clarified Shelton.