John Cena as a teenage girl will make you LOL

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On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, John Cena appeared on the latest edition of "Ew!" as Sara's BFF, Addison Wyatt.

According to Sarah, Addison looked much different than she did when she moved away three years prior. "Yeah, I had a little bit of a growth spurt," said Addison. She then lowered her voice as she said, "My mom says I'm going through some changes." Addison's growth spurt apparently moved her to the bottom of the cheerleading pyramid, which is so ew. Fortunately, there was a more suitable sport for her on the horizon. "The football team's like all trying to recruit me and stuff," explained Addison. "At first they were like, 'Why don't you throw things?' And I was like, 'Ew, throwing things.' But like, now I totally love it. I mean, watch this." Addison then chucked a pillow at a nearby vase, shattering it to pieces.

Even though she may not have the best football skills, her dance moves were on point as her and Sara got down to Bruno Mars's "Finesse." And in the "Ew!" speed round, Addison admitted that she did not find John Cena attractive, because he has "too many muscles."

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