Jewels worn by Princess Diana heading to auction

STORY: Jewels worn by Princess Diana

are heading to auction

She wore the diamond and pearl necklace

at her final public appearance in 1997

It was a gala opening for Swan Lake

at London’s Royal Albert Hall

(Arlan Ettinger, President, Guernsey’s)

“Totalling 178 beautifully matched diamonds that total approximately 52 carats. We have seven South Sea pearls, all to a design that Diana had input with that was made for her by Garrard, the very, very fine English jeweler.”

“This necklace was made for her and given to her for that occasion. It was returned after that special evening because the jeweler Garrard and the Royal Crown Jeweler of England hadn't completed making the earrings.”

Auction house Guernsey’s

is hosting the sale on June 27

“How do you compare the only jewelry of Diana's that will ever be sold? It's hard to say - $5 million, $10 million, $15 million. Anything is possible. But we think of these jewels as really extraordinary and priceless.”