Jared Leto launches hitchhiking tour of America from 'Tonight Show'

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Jared Leto launched his week long tour of America from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Monday evening. The trip is to celebrate the April 6th release of 30 Seconds to Mars' newest album, "America."

While it sounds a little crazy for the Oscar winning artist to hitchhike across America, Leto insisted that the trip is legitimate. He said, "This isn't a gag. People are going to watch this, and think that there's a gag. I'm actually doing this."

While he didn't get into the specifics of his trip, Leto did sat hopes to ride some donkeys in the Grand Canyon and catch a ride on a hot air balloon. But Jared's first ride after leaving the 30 Rock was provided by A$AP Rocky.

The trip will culminate with 30 Seconds to Mars performing in Los Angeles on April 6th. That is, if someone is willing to pick up a hitchhiker who looks like Jared Leto.

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