Janeane Garofalo, Francine Prose & Richard Levine Speak On The Film, ""Submission""


Directed and written by Richard Levine, "Submission" is based on the novel "Blue Angel" by Francine Prose. The story follows Ted Swenson, a once-acclaimed author who now teaches writing at a small liberal arts college. Though his marriage to Sherrie is comfortable, he finds himself drowning in discontent as he teaches unteachable students and partakes in stuffy departmental dinners. But when a new pupil, Angela Argo, shows promise, Ted focuses on nurturing her career. Basking in Angela’s youth, talent and admiration, just as she benefits from Ted’s wisdom, experience and professional connections, it’s only a matter of time before lines are crossed and it becomes unclear whether Ted is predator or prey and Angela is victim or victimizer. Levine, Prose and actor Janeane Garofalo joined BUILD to talk about the film.

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