Jack Campbell's Vezina credentials shining beyond Toronto

Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell has the highest SV% and is tied for wins amongst netminders who have played at least 15 games this season. Toronto fans love him but Campbell is soliciting admiration across the league, putting him in contention for the Vezina Trophy, which a Maple Leaf hasn't won since 1965.

On the latest episode of 'In the Mentions', Omar addresses the use of the 'juggernaut' word, puts some respect on Alexander Kerfoot, and explains why he's all in on the Leafs this season.

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Video Transcript

OMAR KELLY: So, the Vezina Award, a trophy that we, as Leafs fans, have always seen other goaltenders get all the time as they're recognized by other general managers as being the best at their position. Is Jack Campbell in that conversation?

Let's look at the numbers. He's tied for first amongst wins in goaltenders. He has the highest save percentage. He has a really low goals against average, which, again, we don't necessarily think is a goaltending stat which kind of more so speaks to how the Leafs have been playing in front of him.

But, and again, this is, when it comes to goaltenders who have played at least 15 games, Jack Campbell is up there. And it's not like he has to make these miraculous saves, but when he does make the saves he's very calm and collected and it's almost as if he gives the team a reassurance that, hey, I'm in net, don't worry. I got this.

And I think that's something that, again, we haven't seen with the Leafs so far. And it's getting to the point now where it's not only fans who are noticing and actually having, you know-- having to talk or the conversations of, hey, Jack Campbell should win Vezina. It's actually other people. It's news outlets, it's analysts who are saying Jack Campbell is in that conversation.

So what does he have to do to keep that up? Because, again, it is only still the beginning of the season. Who knows what will happen at the end? But I think Jack Campbell has done enough to definitely be in the conversation as being one of the top goaltenders in the league to win the Vezina.

Now, if he continues that, that only does a good thing for us and does a good thing for the team because that shows he's still having a great season and it might be a big, big recognition, because, you know, it's been a long time since the Leafs have had a Vezina-winning goaltender. I mean, the Calder was cool and the Rocket was awesome with Auston Matthews but a Vezina, I mean, that's a whole new conversation.

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