'Idol' contestant's touching moment with real life idol will warm your heart

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The stakes were high on American Idol Monday night as only seven out of twelve singers would survive the All-Star duet round. Amongst the contestants who got to meet their real life idols, there was one contestant who was hyped to meet one of his favorite artists of all time for a more meaningful reason.

When Dennis Lorenzo met soul singer Allen Stone, Lorenzo told Stone that he was excited to sing Stone's hit song "Unaware" with him because it had been the song he auditioned, and made it to Hollywood, with. Lorenzo also shared that the song got him through some very tough times. "A couple years back, it was tough, you know? I was homeless out here," Lorenzo told Stone. "I used to play shows all over, and your song was my saving grace every time. And to think that I'm singing it with you, this is mind-blowing. It's amazing, man." And Stone seemed to have an equal respect for Lorenzo. "It's cool to meet somebody who can sing circles around me," Stone admitted to Lorenzo, while later stating about him, "Guy sings like an angel. He's got the vocal cords of a flock of beautiful doves."

Lorenzo also revealed that the song was what started him on his musical journey, so Stone encouraged the Idol hopeful to use his memories of sleeping on the streets to feel the sound of the song. And when the two performed the hit song in front of the judges, Dennis really held his own. In fact, Stone told Ryan Seacrest, "I think that that song is now a duet. I've never sang it with anybody before, but I don't know if I'll sing it alone ever again."

In the end, Dennis made it through to the next round, while Dominique, Layla Spring, Trevor McBane, Kay Kay, and Brandon Diaz were unfortunately eliminated. However, they didn't go home completely empty handed. They received some genuine advice from Luke Bryan, who told them, "You know, guys, just understand that to be at this point, please take it as you can control your journey in music. Please. And I guess we have to trust our hearts. But trust yourselves more than us, please."

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