Hunter Renfrow

Fearless Forecast: 941 TOTAL YDS, 83 REC, 7 TD.
Projected Rank: 32

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I'll be honest. I'm kind of going back and forth on Hunter Renfrow this year after they added Davante Adams. He's a really good player that I think will hold a crucial role in Josh McDaniels' offense. I mean, we know that he's a guy who just personifies that slot receiver position, the way he wins on those option routes. The choice routes just destroy zone coverage in the middle of the field. We've seen guys thrive in Josh McDaniels offense in that role over and over again.

I think Hunter Renfrow is not purely just a slot receiver either so if they want to get Davante Adams some slot looks, I think they could move. Hunter Renfrow as like their flanker receiver. We saw Josh McDaniels do that with Julian Edelman at times in New England. I think that they're pretty similar players there. The biggest question for me is just the red zone targets. How are those going to be split up between Renfrow, who was a go to guy down inside the 20-yard line, really inside the 10-yard line for Derek Carr last year?

But Davante Adams is one of the most prolific red zone receivers in the NFL. Darren Waller should theoretically be a prolific red zone receiver. I think that's going to be the key to unlocking Hunter Renfrow at his ADP. Right now, I'm kind of lukewarm on him as a fantasy pick. I can see him being a solid mid-round guy that gives you some good floor weeks. I'm just not totally sure about the ceiling. So I'm kind of splitting the difference with him right now. I've got him as my wide receiver 32 this year.

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