Halifax Wildfire Smoke Seen From Plane Window

Over 16,000 Nova Scotia residents have been evacuated after an “out-of-control” wildfire started burning in the Halifax area on May 28.

Footage recorded by Brandon Whynot while flying from Halifax to Toronto shows a wall of smoke rising from the wildfire below.

“I could still see some houses that were still on fire,” Whynot told Storyful as the plane was flying low, adding that the sight was “heartbreaking.”

On May 30, the Nova Scotia Government said about 200 homes had been destroyed, and “the wildfire, estimated at 788 hectares [about 3 square miles], remains out of control.”

The government warned that “the fire may spread further this afternoon” as winds are “expected to gust up to 30km/h [18.6 mph].” Credit: Brandon Whynot via Storyful

Video Transcript