'Goodbye, Michael' turns 10: How 'The Office' made its most personal episode

Steve Carell's departure from The Office was a momentous occasion celebrated by the memorable Season 7 episode, "Goodbye, Michael." Members of the cast and co-creator Greg Daniels spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about how such a personal episode came together.

"I wrote that episode and I think the trick was just to not be so maudlin with it because the cast was feeling really sad about the fact that Steve was leaving," Daniels said.

Oscar Nunez, who played accountant Oscar Martinez, said, "People were crying all over the place. I did not but I did cry at the goodbye party."

Kate Flannery, who played Meredith Palmer, said Carell gave them all a very generous farewell gift. "When Steve left 'The Office' he gave everybody a Rolex watch ... I still wear it," she said. "He's the greatest."