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Gary Trent Jr. ‘felt amazing’ returning to Raptors’ lineup

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Gary Trent Jr. returned to the Toronto Raptors’ lineup Friday against the Washington Wizards and said it “felt amazing” being back on the floor with his teammates. He also touched on how he takes pride on the defensive side of the ball and the challenges of sitting out for so long.

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Video Transcript

- Hey, Gary. I'm just wondering you know, what are the challenges of sitting out, and you know, when you're-- it looks like you're close to return and then you have a bit of a setback. What are the challenges of just not being able to get back into the game, and how nice was it to be able to be out there?

GARY TRENT JR: Oh, you know, it's just a great thing. You know, just trying to get back in the [INAUDIBLE] rhythm, trying to get back in a physical playing rhythm. You know, coming back.

You know, I'm playing as well as I can. You know, it's just little steps that you got to take about the process. You know, it'll all be short, but you know, whenever you're ready, you're ready to go hard and you can.

- All right. Thanks.

- Thank you. Go ahead, Josh.

- Hey, Gary. Can you take us through what happened there with the ankle. I think it was in the Milwaukee game, but it seemed like you were close a few times, but you're having trouble cutting or turning corners. Can you sort of take us through what that process was like of getting back.

GARY TRENT JR: My ankle was just sore. Well, you know, a couple of days how it was before that, we've been playing through it for a while now, you know, but really, it's about it. It was nothing major to it. I'm back now, so that's most important.

- How did it feel to get back out there tonight with the ankle feel OK? Was there anything like just in terms of conditioning, or feel good?

GARY TRENT JR: I felt amazing to be back out there with my teammates tonight.

- Cool. Thanks, Gary. Safe flight back.

GARY TRENT JR: Appreciate you.

- Thank you. Last one for you Gary comes from Mike Ganter. Go ahead, Mike.

MIKE GANTER: Hey, Gary. Welcome back. Congrats on the win. You, uh, I want to ask you about that SWAT. I think it was on Harrell late in the game.

You came up from behind and basically got the block on it. I mean your game is sort of predicated or a lot of people on the outside look at your game and they say creates his own shot. You know, score whenever he needs it. But I mean, you seem to take almost as much pride on that end as you do on the other.

GARY TRENT JR: Most definitely you got guys out there working hard. Freddy VanFleet, and as OG, what he doing on the defensive end with Siakam, contributes guy. He contributes, you know, what everybody comes in and contribute.

Nowhere on there can you be the wing link. You know, do it, set the tone with your defense. You know, I can help, play like I can make a presence on the defensive end, just try to do it, you know, as much as I can every night, and stay consistent on both sides of the ball.

MIKE GANTER: And this is your second comeback really you came back from the protocols as well. What was-- I mean, was there any comparison in terms of coming back, feel like how you feel you're at, like was this one harder to come back from than the other one or was it the opposite?

GARY TRENT JR: Uh, no. I wouldn't say this one was harder. You know, I don't have opportunities to practice and play one on one, and I literally went from my bedroom for 10 days onto the court, so it's not even comparable.

MIKE GANTER: Got it. All right. Appreciate it. Thanks, Gary.

GARY TRENT JR: All right.

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