Funnel Cloud Whips Up Dust in Central New Mexico

A funnel cloud whipped up dust as it hovered over a field in Encino, New Mexico on May 26.

This footage, filmed by Lloyd Lynn Bridges, shows the cloud looming over a field along US Hwy 285.

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the region on Friday, cautioning locals of possible hail and 60 mph wind gusts. Credit: Lloyd Lynn Bridges via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Funnel right there. See it? That left side?

- Yup.

- Funnel cloud right there at that left side. It is dropping right there.


- Tornado on the ground, yes, sir.

- Ooh, that's a nice one.

- Yes, sir.

- Some good videos, man. Put it out. Turn it around. That's nice.

- That's a pretty one.

- Yeah, it is.


- Look at it. It's split in half like that.


- That could lead for a really dangerous one.