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Flyers will regret investing in short-term success

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The Philadelphia Flyers would be mistaken if they trade the prospect of Connor Bedard in next year's draft for for unlikely playoff success in the upcoming NHL season.

Video Transcript

OMAR: I have a question for Mr. Fletcher of the Philadelphia Flyers.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: You have a question for Chuck Fletcher?

OMAR: Yes, yes, because Sam also brought up the our lord and savior Connor Bedard. I don't understand why the Philadelphia Flyers are willing to make big trades to acquire a player like Connor Bedard-- like Alex DeBrincat which would probably cost many assets which you probably need moving forward. I don't get it. I saw that-- I saw that--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Because they think they're a contending team.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Bad ownership.

OMAR: That may--


OMAR: Yeah, that--


OMAR: --makes no flipping-- if I'm a team that has any chance of being bad, I don't understand how you're saying, OK, like, if the chances of making the playoffs are not like 90%, and I'm not being hyperbolic frickin', OK, we're done. Next year is a write off. I don't understand how next year isn't a write off for the Flyers.

That makes no flipping sense. Like, anyway, so yeah. I saw that, and I was like oh, that's frickin' dumb. So I don't get it. Anyway--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I remember talking to Charlie O'Connor of "The Athletic" about this a couple of weeks back. And like, hey, when you look at the fact they hired John Tortorella, who is a guy who tries to get the best out of whatever roster he has, maybe they still think Carter Hart can be that guy. They signed Rasmus Ristolainen all that money.

This is a team that thinks they're a lot better than they might actually be. Do they end up in the Johnny Gaudreau sweepstakes? Like, if they find a way to bring him in, are you tanking for the draft?

You're not tanking. You're going for the playoffs. Like, the Philadelphia Flyers, with all the hilarity around them, they think they're a much better hockey club than everyone else thinks that they are.

Maybe they'll have the last laugh and laugh at all of us when they make the playoffs and get beat in round two or whatever. But I don't really rock with the Flyers right now. They don't look that great to me.

OMAR: Yeah, because, like, another thing too is like, who's on the-- like, OK. This is going to sound like a stupid question. But like, who's on the team, right? Like, yes, yes, Kevin--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Travis Konecny?

OMAR: Poirier. Yeah, Konecny. I get that. But, like--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Poirier is a good player.

OMAR: But you could add a superstar-- a franchise, generational, McDavid-like-- and you're going to risk that just for a chance to make the playoffs, which you may not even do well in? What if it isn't the system-- that's the problem. What if Carter Hart just isn't good?

OK, then you have another year that's stupid, or even worse, even worse, you miss the playoffs by like a point. And then you watch another team draft Connor Bedard. And then they get what you could have had for no frickin' reason.

The only thing you're going to get is John Tortorella fighting with Grady all year. So like, I just-- I don't get it. Maybe it's just because, like, I'm, like-- in a weird way, I'm, like, envious slightly of teams being in that position.

But like, Connor frickin' Bedard, man. I don't know. I don't know. If there is any time to, like, fool yourself into thinking that you're decent, like, this is the wrong year, wrong year.

Or next year is the wrong year to do that. Like, I think like if there's any doubt in your mind that you may not be as good, like, I think you frickin' just, like, blow it up and just wait until the year afterwards. At the very least, it's still going to be a great draft regardless of Bedard.

Like, that draft has been talked about for a long time. It's like, at the very least, they'll still get something good. I don't know.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Surprised to hear you're envious, though.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah, don't be envious. They're striving for mediocrity. Like, even if they land DeBrincat, if they land Goodrow, they're going to be bad.

I mean, John Tortorella is-- he's the definition of getting a little bit more out of what you have for a short amount of time. But they don't have much. They've got some talented players, but they have some real, real deficiencies. And the best they could do is be mediocre, and that's just enough to not be a threat in the playoffs and just enough to never get your hands on a player like Connor Bedard. They're in the worst position possible.

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