Flex decisions for week 12

Andy Behrens and Tank Williams run through a few flex options to consider in week 12.

Video Transcript

- Time to turn to the flex position in and our "Built To Serve" picks, brought to you by Ram Trucks. They're redefining what a truck can be and do every day with plenty of power, capability, and durability. Each week, we're picking players that align with these quality traits that can lead your fantasy lineup into a winning position.

Tank, we'll start with you. Who's looking capable this week?

- Hello, Reverend. Thanks for coming to me. Yes, someone that's looking capable to me today is Foster Moreau. He's at Seattle. He's their tight end. We've been so focused on Kyle Pitts dusting off fantasy lineups this entire season, and giving us donut holes. But guess what? Darren Waller's been that dude too.

So enter Foster Moreau. I mean, he's been OK the past six weeks. I mean, it's hard to be anything better than OK when you have a teammate like Davante Adams that hogs up all the targets and all the touchdowns. But now, we have a match-up against Seattle. They give up the second most fantasy points to tight ends.

And this is a game where I feel like they're probably going to be playing from a negative game script because I expect Seattle to come in off that bye week after losing to Tampa Bay, and trying to beat in the head of the Las Vegas Raiders. So I think this is a good setup for him to get a lot of targets, a lot of catches, and, hopefully, get into the end zone.

- I love that call. My pick for durability, it's going to be Jeff Wilson against Houston. Jeff Wilson came over via trade from the Niners. Immediately, immediately took over the backfield for Miami. He's coming off a game in which he played 61% of the snaps. No Raheem Mostert this week. That's going to be good news for Wilson.

Let's start with a match-up here. Houston is just as friendly as it gets. They rank dead last at defending the run. They give up almost 180 rushing yards per week. Over five rushing yards per carry. It is a spectacular match-up, as good as it gets. And then you look at Wilson.

He's been really good this year. He's averaging 5.4 yards per carry on the season. He's been fantastic in Miami. He was a great system fit, obviously. He can give you receptions out of the backfield. There's a very good chance that he actually finishes as an RB1 this week. Tank, talk to me about power. You've got another running back in mind.

- Man, all I have to do is say this dude's name. Isaiah Pacheco. Whenever you hear his name, all you think about is power. Like, have you seen this dude run? Like, he looks like somebody that's running through Walmart and trying to get the last Xbox on the Black Friday sale.

He's running over grandmama's little kids. It don't matter. Like, this dude runs with power. He runs viciously. And they're probably going to be running with the lead because it seems like everyone has the lead against the Los Angeles Rams this year. He doesn't have to worry about CEH. He got put on IR with an injury.

So I feel like this is a great setup where the match-up may not look that good on paper when you look at rankings, but with them likely playing from the lead and him getting a ton of volume today, I believe Isaiah Pacheco is a dude who can power you and your team to a victory today.

- Yeah, that's such a good call. Very friendly game script upcoming in that one. All right, get those guys in your rosters and be sure to check out the entire game-changing Ram lineup at Ram.com.