Will Ferrell Discusses Original, More Deadly Version on 'Anchorman'

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Will Ferrell recently revealed the original idea behind Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy in an interview with Bill Simmons. On Tuesday, Ferrell visited his old Saturday Night Live buddy, Seth Meyers, on Late Night and shared the bizarre idea.

Ferrell told Meyers, "The first version was Adam Mckay and I going crazy. The first version really is more like the movie Alive." If you're not familiar with that movie, it's based on the true story of a Uruguayan rugby team who were stranded on a mountain following a plane crash. Ferrell went on to describe the story, saying, "So we were flying on a chartered plane -- Ron burgundy of course convinces the pilot that he can fly too, and immediately crash lands the plane into the side of a mountain." Ferrell added that they flew into another plane that also crashed on the mountain, and it made their bear fight at the end of Anchorman look like child's play. "The cargo on the other plane was just orangutans and boxes of Chinese throwing stars," said Ferrell.

So the rest of the movie was about them trying to get off of the mountain and avoid the orangutans who were killing people with the Chinese throwing stars. Although, one thing about this movie was the same, Veronica was the smartest person of the bunch. Ferrell said, "And Veronica Corningstone is like, 'If we just go down, we can get off the mountain.' We were like, 'You're just a woman. You're a dumb woman, what do you know?'"

While it's understandable why that movie was never made, it now sounds like a pretty fun idea. Even though it will probably never be made, Ferrell teased everyone with an Anchorman trilogy when he joked, "That could be the third one."

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