Fantasy Football: 3 draft mistakes to avoid

Whether reaching for sleeper picks too early, putting too much stock into bye weeks or banking on boom potential, these are the biggest mistakes a fantasy football player can make.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I'm Matt Harmon from Yahoo Fantasy, and I'm here to bring you three draft day mistakes that every single fantasy player makes.


The first is just being way too overconfident, or reaching to get your guys. I want you to take bullish stands on players. I want you to be confident in your evaluations, but don't be so overconfident that you reach for your favorite sleeper, you know, like two rounds ahead of ADP. The Fantasy Football space, the community as a whole is really sharp. ADP is generally a pretty good way to stack your board.

There's not going to be some egregious mistake where you are so, so much higher on this player that you have to take them two rounds ahead of their ADP. So be comfortable, follow the draft board, let it come to you. Make sure you still get your guys, absolutely, just don't go crazy and ruin the rest of your team hyper focusing on one player.


The next one is being too focused on bye weeks. Breaking news, that team that you draft in August, September, whenever you draft, it's not going to look like the team that gets to week eight, or week 10. Guys are going to get hurt. Guys are going to mess up, they're not going to be in this role that you thought they were going to be. Their quarterback, if they're a wide receiver, they're going to go down. Offensive line injuries. Chaos is the theme of the NFL season.

So don't sit there in August, or September, and be like I can't draft this running back because he's got a weak eight bye, my starter has a week eight bye. Don't even worry about that stuff. You'll be able to make trades, you'll be able to make waiver claims. Your team, you can adjust, you're smart. So don't focus on those bye weeks, just take the best players available at your pick, and don't worry about the bye weeks.


Last one, and this is a bit more convoluted, so I'll try to explain it. It's not focusing on player archetypes. And what I mean by that, let's just put a concrete example. You don't want too many boom or bust players on your roster. You don't want to have a lot of high average depth of target receivers. These guys that are going to make big plays, but also kind of bust on some weeks, too. So you don't want to have too much volatility.

I like to try to look at like DeSean Jackson back in the day, right, when he was popping off. He was maybe a little bit more inconsistent week to week, so you want to stack them with like a high average, like high target, low short area slot receiver type of guy. So you have a good mix of ceiling players and floor players.

Again, I know that's a little more convoluted, but you just want to make sure that the wide receivers, for a perfect example, wide receivers on your roster, you want those guys to complement each other. You want them to score points in different ways so that you don't have too much volatility. Or, on the flip side, you don't have too much security. You do need week-winning players, but you also need to balance those guys out with a few safe picks along the way.