Fantasy Football 101: How to create a league

Yahoo Fantasy expert Matt Harmon shows you how to become a Yahoo Fantasy Football commissioner so you can get your league up and running for the upcoming NFL season. Don't have a fantasy football league yet? Create or join a league:

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Welcome to Fantasy Football 101. I'm Matt Harmon, one of the Fantasy Football analysts here at Yahoo Sports.

It's time to talk to my commissioners out there. First of all, you got to decide how many people are going to be in the league. Me personally, I like to play in 12 team leagues, maybe you go down to 10. Once you've decided how many players are going to be in the league you need to set the rules. Commissioners, I want you to be tough but I want you to be fair.

It's time to create your league. You pull up our app here, you pop over to the Game tab, and boom-- create a league. First of all, you need to pick the draft date. We're drafting in August, all right? We want some information along the way. Let's just go with this date. Yeah, sure, why not?

Now it's time to set the draft time. I'm on the West Coast, I'm not going to do 10 PM Pacific-- my friends on the East Coast will be asleep. So let's compromise and say 5:00 PM. Good news, though, for you out there-- you can change the draft time. This is not set in stone.

It's time to share the invite link. So you pop over here to the share link. You can post it on a variety of different social media apps or you can text it to people. I mean, maybe you're like me and you're only in group chats with your wife because you have no friends, then yeah, I guess you could post it on social media. I don't know.

Now the fun really kicks in for you, commissioner, because you get to decide the punishments and the rewards of the league. I mean, there's so many great punishments ideas.

Thanks for watching this Fantasy Football 101 video. Make sure, before the season gets started, you check out all of our other 101 videos. And while you're connected to the internet, maybe you go ahead and check out all the other great content offerings we have here at Yahoo Fantasy like the Yahoo Fantasy Football forecast-- that's our podcast. You'll love it. Trust me. Money back guarantee.

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