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Fantasy Bust of the Year: The New York Giants & Allen Robinson

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  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski discuss this year's fantasy bust, including a struggling team in New York and a WR in Chicago who finished with 410 total rec. yards.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Who is your fantasy bust of the year?

SCOTT PIANOSKI: I'm going to give it to a whole team. I'm going to give it to the New York Giants because if you drafted Barkley you hate yourself, and if you drafted Golladay, I believe didn't score a touchdown this year. Then for a minute Tony had relevance. Then that faded away, and Evan Ingram has just been a mess. Daniel Jones, I know there's one week we said pick up Daniel Jones, steam Daniel Jones, DFS Daniel Jones. That never works out.

To the point this is the team that decided to basically give up on second, third down in their season finale, and I'm kicking myself for not betting unders on the Giants team total for like the last two months of the season because they were just seven points every week, three, seven, six. The defense wasn't that bad, but any offensive Giant you picked, with Barkley specifically because he was a first round pick, maybe early second round pick in any league. Not only did he have a bad season, but he basically played most of the time and had a bad season. You could argue that Davante Booker was his team's best offensive player.

Congratulations New York Giants. You're my bust of the year.

ANDY BEHRENS: I love it. That might be the right call. I'm going to go officially with Allen Robinson. I think Allen Robinson was a guy who did miss some games, but he played 12, didn't reach 70 receiving yards in any game. Obviously, it was a miserable quarterback situation, but it's not like he hasn't seen-- he's seen nothing but miserable quarterback situations in his NFL career.

He finishes with just over 400 receiving yards, which ain't paying the fantasy Bills, one touchdown. He presumably is headed to another team. I mean, I still think he's every bit as talented as the Allen Robinson of old.

The other reason that he, I think, is such a bust this year is that like where you drafted him, whether it was late round three, maybe it was round four, it was a pretty good chance you took him ahead of Cooper Kupp, right? There's a pretty good chance that you took him ahead of one of the definitive right answers.

SCOTT PIANOSKI: Maybe Mark Andrews.

ANDY BEHRENS: In the 2021 season. Yeah. Oh for sure. For sure you took him ahead of Mark Andrews. In fact, there's draft where you can look back right now, and it goes like Robinson, Kupp, Andrews, Robert Woods, whatever, right? I mean the guys that you took him ahead of, and I did it in a handful. I feel like I had a lot of Kupp, but I'm sure there were also a handful of leagues where I took Allen Robinson ahead of him.

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