Expectations for Aaron Jones this season | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Frank Schwab break down their expectations for Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones, and debate if AJ Dillon’s role is cause for concern.

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MATT HARMON: In terms of the Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon, I think, they're going to try to get on the field a lot with Aaron Jones. And I'm super, super high on Aaron Jones as a first round pick this year, like a late first round pick.

FRANK SCHWAB: Really? You got him all the way late first? Hmm, that's aggressive.


FRANK SCHWAB: You have above Swift then You'd have to have him above Dalvin Swift?

MATT HARMON: Yes. I have him above DeAndre--

FRANK SCHWAB: Above Mixon?

MATT HARMON: I got him above Joe Mixon.

FRANK SCHWAB: (INTERRUPTING) Ooh-wee, all right.

MATT HARMON: I go back and forth at RB6 between him and Najee Harris all the time. I know that is a hot take about Aaron Jones.

FRANK SCHWAB: No, you got to be bold, man. I like it. I like I like the conviction.

MATT HARMON: I think he can legitimately catch 80-plus passes this year, Aaron Jones. I think he's going to be schemed into a lot of-- because, see, I think what gets lost about the Packers is, yeah, they kind of run a Shanahan-McVay style offense there with Matt LaFleur. But they do a lot of creative stuff.

They did a lot of creative stuff with Davante Adams in terms of just getting him the ball right away on screens, on leak routes, stuff like that. I think they'll do a ton of that with Aaron Jones this year. He's just like, I guess-- and this has been said before. But the logic from the coaching staff is, these two guys, Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, are among our best 11 players on offense.

And it would be kind of stupid to minimize one or the other. And I know that sounds a little weird that I'm like, no, Dylan's going to have legit value, but Aaron Jones is still a first round pick. I just think Aaron Jones is going to score a ton of touchdowns. He's going to catch 80-plus balls.

He's the most trusted receiving asset, I think, on the Green Bay Packers' roster. And by the way, they do still have the two-time reigning MVP there. So I'm pretty high on.

FRANK SCHWAB: --anybody in that Aaron Rodgers offense-- that's why everybody-- we talked about Lazard a little bit last time we got together. And it's like-- and again, I do believe you that Aaron Jones probably leads them in receptions this year. But if anybody in that offense that's going to get run-- I mean, you've got to take a look because it's Aaron Rodgers. And he's going to rise everybody to his level.