Exclusive Sneak Peek - "They Call Me Magic" documentary

Take a look at the new documentary event series on the Los Angeles Lakers legend, which offers a rare glimpse into the incredible real-life story of Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who has made an impact around the world— both on and off the court — as a cultural icon. Watch it now only on Apple TV+.

Video Transcript

ROB LOWE: There will never be anything like the atmosphere of the Forum.

PAULA ABDUL: Showtime at the Forum meant like it was always opening night at the biggest concert. The amount of famous people that would come to the games was jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring.

ROB LOWE: And you had a great owner, Dr. Buss, who consciously created this spectacle.

- The atmosphere that he wanted to create, it was really melding of sports and entertainment.

- His whole thing was changing things. And he felt there had to be more besides us playing against our opponent. Dancing Barry. Who thinks of that, you know? And you got the neck going like this.


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