Erykah Badu takes a knee for Kaepernick and blasts Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein

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On the 2017 Soul Train Awards, three time host Erykah Badu did not back down from politics in her opening monologue. With the promise of a big opening musical performance, Erykah interrupted the band to say, "I know I usually do a big, elaborate musical number right here, but right now I feel I need to do this." And with that, Badu took a knee saying, "The is for Kap."

After kneeling for Colin Kaepernick, which the audience clearly appreciated, she blasted another man who has been making headlines. "And now I'ma get my ass up," she said, "Before Harvey Weinstein run out here and put his hands on his hips in front of me."

Badu also reserved some of time to blast Donald Trump. Getting an "alert" on her phone she said, "Oh, my God, we done made the news already." Reading a "tweet" by The Donald she said, "Eric Baydo kneels "At 30th Slave Train of Soul Awards. "Cancel Now! #Countrymusicbetter."

After throwing some 'uge shade at our Tweeter in Chief, Badu imagined what it would be like if President Trump accidentally jumped into his own soul train line doing dances she dubbed "The Running Immigrant" and "The Grab 'Em By the Vagina."

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