The equestrians saving Ukraine's abandoned horses

STORY: The initiative was started by the head of the federation, Mykhailo Parkhomchuk.

Parkhomchuk, who is based in Belgium, drove back to his Ukrainian homeland on day two of the war. By day four, he had already organised a network of dozens of volunteers and founded a charity to save Ukraine’s abandoned horses.

“In some region(s), it’s very dangerous, and horses evacuate first to somewhere in safe place," he said

Once the animals are taken to a safe haven in western Lviv region, Parkhomchuk and his colleagues help some of the “refugee” horses find new homes in Ukraine and countries across Europe with their owners.

Currently there are 40 of the rescued horses staying at a makeshift stable maintained by Parkhomchuk’s group. They receive daily requests from owners via social media to help rescue their abandoned horses.

Coordinator of the Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation, Taisia Stadnichenko said the charity aimed to rescue all horses irrespective of their differing value.

“We don’t make any difference, if it is an expensive horse, or cheap horse, or big or old, or young horse, we are trying to help all the horses and evacuate all the horses,” Stadnichenko, while petting “Karpilon,” who was rescued by their volunteers near Kyiv.

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