Elijah Mitchell

Fearless Forecast: 1313 TOTAL YDS, 31 REC, 7 TD
Projected Rank: 20

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: This time last year, we thought Trey Sermon was the running back to get San Francisco, or maybe Raheem Mostert. Turns out Elijah Mitchell was the guy. As a rookie, he was terrific. Kyle Shanahan offense. He was a full season starter and was somebody who was waiver wire gold, or late-round gold, depending on when you landed Mitchell last year. He was a league winner.

But this year, the backfield is crowded, the quarterback has changed, and Trey Lance is going to run the ball a lot. And Kyle Shanahan kind of thinks that he can make anybody on his backfield depth chart a valuable player. So Mitchell does have some downside risk. You worry that maybe he can turn into a pumpkin in his second season.

I've got him at my running back 20 as the draft season opens, projecting a solid 31 catches, 1,300 scrimmage yards or so, seven touchdowns. But just know, the floor is somebody else takes his job. There's a lot of talent in the San Francisco backfield. So be careful with Elijah Mitchell.

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